Meteen naar de inhoud

I miss you more than I remember you

Pen drawing of Ocean

At least Corona gives you more time to read, right?! Give yourself a present and read the beautiful book ‘On earth we’re briefly gorgeous’ by Ocean Vuong.

His writing is like poetry, his sentences are magical and his story is about race, gender, sexuality, masculinity and how to heal and survive in this world. Read about the power of language, the power of stories! Enrich your mind and dive into the world of little dog and read his letter to his mom who cannot read.

A few sentences from the book to inspire you:

“They say nothing lasts forever but they are just scared it will last longer than they can love it.”

“Remember: the rules, like streets, can only take you to known places. Underneath the grid is a field – it was always there – where to be lost is never to be wrong, but simply more.”

“I miss you more than I remember you”

“If you find yourself trapped inside a dimming world, remember it was always this dark inside the body. Where the heart, like any law, stops only for the living.”