Meteen naar de inhoud

Building of loss and love

Inwoner Rapenburgerstraat 1940

The soul has left the building
Now it’s just us and books
Thousands of words from people
who have since passed away
In this building where they prayed
On this street where they left
never to return
Now only we are here

Let’s read their books and write
Their names. Let’s listen to their
Stories and see their art.
Let us remember them while
We breath the air
Which they left behind
Let us work in this street
And embrace life

Let love come up these stairs
Where it whispers and
Cries, for you and I
For all of them
Where it gently rises
Touches this beautiful wooden ceiling
of this once sacred building
And disappears

Time to go, my friend
Time to leave, to make difficult choices
To meet other people
And create new stories
Will you never forget to listen
To the prayers of the people
Who lost this old building of love
Too early
Too early