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Power of creativity

After Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer during zomergasten 2020 called to believe that every person can make the world a little better, I knew that I also believe this and want to act on it.

Mar-lines was created shortly afterwards as my work of art. Een sociale onderneming om mensen te inspireren, aan het denken te zetten of ze te verblijden met een tekening. Voor elk verkocht werk doneer ik zeven bomen aan Trees for All, from a love for the planet and all that lives. 

It's a small start. Each work sold yields seven new trees. My aim is 1051 new trees. Do you embrace the idea? Order a work in the shop and seven new trees will be added!

Long live life!

Mar-lines video drawing in one line with Procreate
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Sociale Onderneming

Mar-lines is een onderneming zonder winstoogmerk uit liefde voor het leven en de kunst. Zodat kunst leven oplevert. Elk werk a 50,- betekent 7 nieuwe bomen. Op deze website houd ik bij hoeveel er is opgehaald middels zelfgemaakte of in opdracht gemaakte tekeningen.

nieuwe bomen

Mar-lines donates the proceeds to Trees for All. A wonderful initiative to stop deforestation and plant trees worldwide. Trees are a brilliant life form to which we owe a lot. Be sure to read "8 masters lessons of nature' of Gary Ferguson if you want to learn more about the magic of trees.


Art enriches the planet!


Using art to raise money to improve conditions for the planet and its inhabitants.


1051 new trees for our earth thanks to visitors of Mar-lines who buy a work. Will you help?


'Believe that it is possible to improve something in the world' Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

With and for each other

Hopefully you recognize as a visitor to this site how blessed you are that you have access to art or possibly because you make art yourself. 

It would be great if you help me spread the belief that "art enriches life" while at the same time making it possible to improve conditions for our fellow human beings and our planet.


Drawings sold
Bomen geplant
kg CO2 per jaar opgenomen

Little words
Because we know
Isn't love just